2 Little Fairy Feet Dancers admiring their medals

2 Little Fairy Feet Dancers admiring their Concert medals

The Fairy Feet Dance Club End of Year Concert is an opportunity for my little Fairy Dancers to dress up in a special costume and perform a dance routine for their family and friends – without some of the normal hype or type of demands that you may expect from a dance concert (like over-the-top hair and make up requirements or evening performances!). 

Performing on stage is a wonderful way to build self confidence in children – but I understand that not every child is the same and that some may be intimidated by the thought – and participation is by no means compulsory.

All concert performers will receive a special award on stage to congratulate them on their achievement. My aim is for this to be a fun, memorable and enjoyable experience for both you and your child!

Please note that all concert participants MUST be at the venue 30 minutes prior to commencement for costume change and performance preparation.


Mernda Concert Session – 11AM

Ivanhoe East Concert Session – 2:30PM

(Concert sessions will run for approx. 1 hour.)

Loyola College
325 Grimshaw Street, Watsonia

Which classes perform at the Concert?
Students in Classes aged 3+:

*Little Preschool Pixies (3-4’s)
*Big Preschool Pixies (4-5’s)
*Little School Sugar Plums (5 – 6’s) and *Big School Sugar Plums (6-8’s)

(NB: Toddler Tinkerbell Classes do not perform at the Concert, but do have their own “in-class” Performance for family and friends in the last week of Term 4).

What do students wear? Will I have to sew or purchase a costume?
No sewing or costume purchasing is required! Each group will perform one dance and the costumes is supplied for a hire fee of $20 – $30 per costume (depending on the costume and where it has been supplied from).  This fee covers hire AND laundering. Costume Hire is automatically included on your invoice for Term 4 fees. Costumes remain the property of Fairy Feet Dance Club and under no circumstances can they be taken home.

Will my child have to wear makeup?
No!…I believe that all of our little dancers are beautiful just the way and I have no desire to make them look older than their age.

How do the wear their hair? No fancy hair requirements – hair just needs to pulled back off their face so we can see their beautiful smiling faces up on stage.

How much do Concert Tickets cost?

Ticket Prices for 2017 (inc GST)

  • ADULT (16+): $12.50
  • CHILD (3 -16 years old): $5.50
  • TODDLER (Children Under 3): Free

How do I purchase Concert Tickets?
Tickets go on sale at the start of Term 4 and will be available for credit card purchase through an online booking system.
You must use this Trybooking.com link to purchase concert tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/RBNJ

You will then be required to print your purchased tickets and bring them with you for entry to the Concert.

The Trybooking website link can be forwarded to any of your family and friends that wish to attend the concert so that they can purchase and print their own tickets if necessary. Seating is not allocated.

*Please note that there is a $0.30 Transaction Fee per ticket

Do parents of performing students need to purchase tickets too?

Yes, ALL audience members aged 3+ will require a purchased and printed ticket for entry including all parents/guardians that are assisting students changing into costume before and after the concert. Once students are in costume, all parents/guardians will be required to return to their seats in the audience area. Students performing at the concert do not require a ticket.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can purchase?
Unlike most dance or ballet schools – there is no ticket limit / maximum allocation per student. All of your family and friends are welcome to attend to watch your little Fairy Dancer perform…that’s the whole point of a concert!

What if I want to pay with cash to purchase Concert Tickets?
Tickets are also be available for cash purchase at the door on the day of the concert.

(Cash purchases only – there no EFT facilities available at the door)

Can I take photos?
Yes, you are welcome to take photographs during the concert  – from a SEATED position. All audience members must please be mindful and respectful of others in attendance.

Does my child sit with me during the Concert?
All students are required to stay in their class groups and are unable to sit in the audience area during the concert. Each group has a dedicated Fairy Feet Concert Helper to look after them – and they must remain with their group and Concert Helper at all times. Once performers have changed into costume they will remain backstage with their group until the start of the concert. During the concert they will be seated in the hall with their groups and then return to the stage for our finale number at the conclusion of the Concert.

Further queries can be directed to Miss Laura at: info@fairyfeetdance.com.au